Lab Chemicals - Microbiology

HiMedia has developed their own technology and stands among the world’s handful of companies possessing the high-tech knowhow for manufacturing microbiological culture media.

PURVI CHEMICALS offer a very broad range of media formulations; standard media and customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields; clinical, food, environment, cosmetic, dairy, water, pharmaceutical industries etc. This also includes media specified by various pharmacopoeias recommended for different applications as sterility testing, microbial limit tests etc.

Antimicrobial Susceptibility

  • Dodeca Discs
  • Ezy MIC™ Strips
  • Hexa Discs
  • HiComb™ MIC Test
  • Icosa Discs
  • Octo Discs
  • Sensitivty Discs

Dehydrated Culture Media

  • Biochemical Identification Media
  • Diagnostic
  • General
  • HiCrome
  • Molecular Biology Growth Media
  • Phytopathology Media
  • Selective

Ready prepared Media

  • Air Sampling Media Strips
  • Aureus Alert™ Kit
  • Biochemical Identification Kit
  • Blood Samples Media
  • DriFilter™ Membrane Nutrient Pad Media
  • HiDip™ Slides
  • HiSafe™ Blood Culturing System

Media Supplements

  • Antibiotics Mixtures
  • Chromogenic Supplements
  • Coagulase Plasma
  • Diagnostic Purpose
  • Egg Yolk Supplements
  • Enrichment Supplements
  • Enzymatic Activity Detection

Culture Media Bases

  • Animal Origin
  • Plant Origin

Differentiation Aids

  • Differential Discs
  • Readymade Stains & Indicators