Lab Chemicals - Laboratory Aids & Equipments

Microbiologists; Molecular Biologist; Chemists; demand innovative, high quality equipment and lab ware consumables to support work in areas such as chemical synthesis, molecular biology, and cell culture.

For all areas of science, the products included in this section are critical in terms of work success. For this purpose PURVI CHEMICALS offers a wide range of laboratory products with an added assurance of ultra fine quality at affordable price.

Lab Consumables

  • Bags /Boxes /Racks/Stand
  • Blood Collection Vial
  • Bottles /Caps /Jars /Gloves /Freeze Tags
  • Centrifuge Tubes
  • Clinical Sample Collection
  • Deep Well & Elisa Plates
  • Embedding Cassettes & Spare


  • ┬ÁPet™ Autoclavable Micropipette
  • Micro Tips for Micropipettes
  • Microlitre Pipettes
  • Universal Tips