Lab Chemicals - Animal Cell Culture

HiMedia offers a broad range of classical media, balanced salt solutions, reagents, sera, consumables and plasticware and chemicals and biochemicals required for cell culture.

PURVI CHEMICALS always tries to meet the evolving needs of biologists by consistently upgrading and increasing our product profile. We cater to all the needs of cell culture for research and industrial purposes globally.

Cell Culture Consumables

  • Cryogenic Storage
  • Culture Vessels
  • Filtration Aids
  • Liquid Handling
  • Miscellaneous
  • Solution Storage

Cell Culture Reagents

  • Amino Acids
  • Antibiotic Solutions
  • Balanced Salts
  • Cell Dissociation Reagents
  • Cell Lysis Solutions
  • Miscellaneous Reagents
  • Vitamins

Primary Cell Platform

  • Endothelial Cell Platform
  • Fibroblast Platform
  • Keratinocyte Platform
  • Mammary Epithelial Cell Platform
  • Melanocyte Platform
  • Peripheral Blood Cell Platform
  • Smooth Muscle Cell Platform

Cell Culture Tested Chemicals

  • Amino Acids
  • Antibiotics
  • Attachment Factors
  • Biochemicals and Components
  • Biological Buffers
  • BP Compliant Chemicals
  • Carbohydrates

Cell Freezing Media

  • Cell Freezing Media -DMSO
  • Cell Freezing Media -Glycerol
  • Chemically Defined Cell Freezing Medium
  • Hybridoma Cell Freezing Media
  • Serum Free Cell Freezing Medium
  • Stem Cell Freezing Medium

Serum Free Platform

  • Serum Free BHK Media
  • Serum Free CHO Media
  • Serum Free Growth Supplements
  • Serum Free Vero Media

HiPer™ Teaching Kits

  • Cell Proliferation and Cytotoxicity Assay Teaching Kits
  • Culture Kits
  • Karyotyping Teaching Kits
  • Microscopy Slide Sets
  • Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation Teaching Kits
  • Transfection Teaching Kit

Hybridoma Platform

  • Freezing Medium
  • Hybridoma-Tested DMSO
  • HybridoXL™ Culture Media
  • Selection Supplements


  • Adult Bovine Sera
  • Fetal Bovine Sera
  • Fetal Bovine Sera
  • Hybridoma Tested Sera
  • MSC-Tested Sera
  • Other Animal Sera
  • Speciality Sera

Cytogenetics Platform

  • HiKaryoXL™ Media
  • Mitotic Inhibitors
  • Mitotic Stimulators
  • Related Reagents

Plasmodium Culture Platform

  • Balanced Salts
  • Media
  • Related Reagents
  • Stains

Mycoplasma Detection and Elimination Platform

  • EZdetect™ Mycoplasma Detection Kits
  • EZkill™ Mycoplasma Elimination Kits

Speciality Media

  • HiGlutaXL™ Media
  • LoSera™ Reduced Serum Media

Stains and Staining Kits

  • EZstain™ Staining Kits
  • Stains for Histology and Cytology

Classical Media

  • Insect Cell Culture
  • Mammalian Cell Culture

Stem Cell Platform

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Platform

Transfection Platform

  • HiTransfect™ Media